So you get even more out of your beans.

Targeted roast optimization via roaster specific batch analysis.

Intuitive Insight
into all batches
Faster and more consistantly to optimal roasts
Preserve roast know-how
within your company


Roast Tuner beta
  • Automatized & individual Batchanalysis based on your roast machine

  • Simple adaptation of bean development:
    Focus Acidity vs. Body, Body, Acidity, Sweetness, Complexity

  • Expandable to Color (Bean & Powder) & residual moisture

  • Tuner-categories: specific batch, recipe or recipe-group

  • Download of the tuned roast curve for roast machine transfer 
Analytic insight
  • Correlation of roast batches

  • Automatic first crack detection 

  • Aroma development analysis

  • analysis categories: all batches of a recipe, all recipes, all batches of a recipe group

  • impact-analysis of environmental factors

We deliver new Insights for the optimization of your coffee roast production

Analytic opportunities:
  • Correlation of all phases of the roasts & respective bean properties
  • Generation of improvement measures
  • Crack-profile: Detailed resolution of bean state in the development phase 
  • Comparison of al recipes & their impact on the roast
  • Impactanalysis of environmental factors on production 
  • Transition of a roast curve to a new roaster
  • Identification of operational roaster limitations
  • Heat-profile of all batches
  • Evaluation & comparison of all aroma development phases
  • Model of bean water content throughout the roasts
  • Analysis of subsequent production steps (grinding, extraction, evaporation, …)  
  • < your desired analysis >

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Our values

A Digital Coach provides optimization insight without requiring additional training

We humans are really good at combining & analyzing even incomplete information from various sources. We call this, for example, “experience”, “cleverness”, “creativity” or “intuition”. The power of algorithms in their various forms, often known under such titles as „artificial intelligence“, „fuzzy logic“ „cognitive systems“, „smart methods” etc.,  is that they can go though huge amounts of data to find & analyze patterns. Something we humans are not good at. This is precisely where we can augment out abilities with a digital coach.

A digital coach makes untapped savings potential accessible

The rate of change is increasing, know-how is scarce, while our technological development provides the basis for the next stage of services.
Quickly adapting to changing production conditions enables increased profitability. Nothing new. But the rate of change is increasing and with it, system complexity. To optimize a production process one would traditionally hire human specialists. Some even provide a technical solution to be installed at the production plant. However, this is often associated with very high investment cost. Even worse: The actual return-of-invest of optimization endeavours is difficult to assess ahead of the investment, adding to the gamble. A digital-coach-as-a-service may not be as powerful as a human powered service but it provides a much better benefit-to-cost ratio, with particular low initial investment cost.
Hence a digital coach makes savings potential accessible that was previously difficult to leverage.

The Digital-Coach-as-a-Service ensures up-to-date security & cost-efficiency

Plant safety & security is of the upmost importance. The rate of technological development is increasing, and with it both benefits and risks. To gain the most while risking the least any technological solution must be embedded in an digital ecosystems where both, the solution and the ecosystem continuously grow. This way, the solution always sports the newest features, does not become outdated and is protected by the latest updates in accordance with the most current norms and standards. Essentially, embedding a solution in a digital ecosystem makes (security) updates so cost efficient that it becomes feasible to continuously gain and profit from the newest technical developments.  

To achieve this, the solution must be accessible from outside of the plant. This requires a very selective and sensitive approach as the security and protection of plant-infrastructure is at the upmost importance. With edge and cloud-based industry norms & solutions becoming readily more established, a operational revolution is already on its way. 


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